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S3NSE: Better Days for Better Nights

“You know the day destroys the night

The night divides the day

Tired to run, Tired to hide

Break on through to the other side”

~ Jim Morrison and the Doors

You cannot run or hide from a sleepless night. The night destroys your day as you restlessly creep through the dark hours. When you are stuck in insomnia, how do you break on through to the other side to sleep?

Michael Krugman found his mission. After finishing Moshe Feldenkrais’s training, he started teaching the group Awareness Through Movement lessons. While most students enjoyed it, some with sleep issues found the class difficult. They could not focus their attention or have the patience for a 45-60 minute class. So Michael used his Feldenkrais and other somatic training (Yoga, Qi Gong and meditation) to find a solution.

Krugman based the Sounder Sleep System on his discovery that irregular sleep is the expression of the stress and habits of daily life. Very simple but precise exercises can be used throughout the day that influence our nervous system to shift from a state of stress to one of calmness. Then at night, it is easier to fully relax and gently fall asleep.

Sounder Sleep exercises are easy to learn and integrate into your life. S3NSE is excited to present a Sounder Sleep workshop with Melonie Brophy, Bobbie Ueunten and Rachel Krantz. It will be on Zoom, Sunday, April 30th from 1-4 PM PT. Please register for the workshop by April 29. For more information:

In May, S3NSE will incorporate sounder sleep exercises into our group movement lessons. This will give you simple tools to brighten each day and enjoy each night. Join S3NSE and break on through to the other side of yourself.


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