Individual Sessions

These one-on-one, Feldenkrais sessions are designed to help you succeed with your specific wellness needs and goals.


Student Special: 

Golden Ticket Sessions

Our special Golden Ticket offer brings you four 50-minute sessions from our certified Feldenkrais Practitioners for the price of $200. You may work with any or all of our available practitioners.

In person individual hands on sessions are now available at our studio.  Lessons can also be held online with Zoom with verbal direction and communication for your unique needs.

All levels are welcome. Please chat with your practitioner directly about Covid precautions and measures that will be employed for safety.

Enjoy the Benefits of Individual Sessions for Enhanced Learning

Individual lessons are gentle sessions that are custom tailored to your individual needs.  The practitioner guides you through a series of movements that help you get to know your movement patterns and expand your range and expression.


Lessons can help with anything from moving without pain, developing a more powerful golf swing, gardening more comfortably and

so much more.

Purchase Golden Ticket 

Individual Sessions by appointment only.

Please contact your practitioner to schedule your date and time. Lessons can be held in person at our studio, or online with Zoom.

Special pricing for all students:

$200 for four 50-minute Individual Sessions:

Please let us know within 24 hours if you need to reschedule or cancel.

Contact your practitioner to set up your individual sessions

Melonie Brophy


Vicki Kramer

Martha Moorehouse


Tom Rankin


Bobbie Ueunten

Michele Westlaken