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Group Classes

Our group of certified teachers offer Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® classes four times each week for Zoom and in-person classes.


Join our community of teachers and students to learn how this exploratory process helps you access your resilience and adaptability.   New student?  Try your first class free.


Awareness Through Movement®

In Feldenkrais classes, you will be encouraged to slow down, move in comfort and spread your attention throughout your whole self. 

Scientifically designed to calm your nervous system and balance your musculature, these gentle movement sequences may reduce pain, increase flexibility and ease of daily activities.

Gentle movements. Big results.

Practicing a variety of lessons over time can help loosen ingrained habits that unconsciously create stress and fatigue. The more you practice the better you feel. The process is cumulative.


By learning the art of moving more consciously and effortlessly, you improve self use, reduce wear and tear, and prevent further injury.

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Monday and Wednesday 1 PM PT on Zoom

Friday 1 PM PT In-Person (Monthly Members only)

Saturday 10AM PT on Zoom

Access to all group classes for the remainder of the month.

 (April classes go on sale

March 28th)

Online and in-person

March Classes


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Unlimited classes each month

Online and in-person

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Single Monthly Online Class:

You will receive a scheduling link in your email after purchase.

We want everyone to be able to attend regardless of finances.  As a non-profit our mission is to provide wellness education to the community. Contact us at

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