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Melonie Brophy

I vividly remember how my first experience of Feldenkrais gave me a sense of hope and possibility. I had chronic pain from a frozen shoulder, and a doctor told me, “you may benefit from doing the Feldenkrais Method.”  I learned to look for comfort and ease instead of pain, wherever it may be even if it was in my little toe, and how to make my movements pleasurable. My breathing changed, my voice softened and deepened, and I felt a new sense of empowerment. 


I currently teach group classes and see individual clients at Studio S3NSE in Cupertino.  I completed my 4 years of training in San Rafael and San Francisco, and have taught at S3NSE workshops in Cupertino and Saratoga, the Northwest YMCA in Cupertino, and Avenidas in Palo Alto. I find great satisfaction in introducing people of all ages, from babies to active seniors, to this method of developing awareness, reducing pain, and improving wellness.

I have also completed training in the Sounder Sleep System(R).


Clients who want private sessions can take advantage of our Zoom Golden Ticket offer which is four 50-minute sessions for $240. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can assist you in any way on your path to vitality and wellness.  1 (408) 483-5810

Vicki Kramer

After completing physical therapy for back surgery, my physical therapist said it was time to learn how to move again and that how I was moving was reinforcing my remaining pain. She recommended I work with a Feldenkrais Practitioner working right there in her PT office.  I was thrilled and felt empowered to learn movements that allowed me to do the things in life I wanted to do pain free. I decided I needed to learn more and joined a Feldenkrais training graduating in 1994.

I feel strongly that these lessons are a very important complementary method that can be part of anyone’s program of rehabilitation, fitness  and self-development. I have enjoyed sharing the benefits of these lessons with students over the years and teach at Northwest YMCA, and S3NSE studio in Cupertino, CA. Also I am currently a student of the professional Healing Touch Program (HTP).

Janet Lee

I recently achieved my life-long dream of becoming a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.  Although my first love was orthopedic physical therapy, I found that my patients learned exercises quickly, but would not consistently incorporate the movements into daily life. When I sustained a major shoulder injury, my personal experience of surgery and physical therapy confirmed that something was incomplete in the traditional rehab process. 


By experiencing the Feldenkrais Method, I realized that what was missing was a clear mental picture of my body. By learning to sense my body, I was able to move more efficiently and function even better than before surgery. I am also a certified Health Fitness Specialist with a heart for older adults. I apply all my knowledge and skills to group exercise classes for older adults and private one-to-one lessons.


Martha Moorehouse

Moving well is part of living well for me.  But for many years, I felt like I was missing my owner’s manual.  I had the good fortune of finding movement classes offered by a gifted Feldenkrais teacher.  I soon realized that these weekly classes were as essential to my wellness routines as regular exercise or a good night’s sleep.  After 15 years of finding benefits for myself, I was inspired to train with Leora Gaster and Mia Segal’s MBS Academy and then begin teaching movement classes for S3NSE.


What I enjoy most about teaching are the many instances when people have an “aha” moment and discover something new they can use for themselves.  What’s more, they can take this learning out of the session and into their lives…it's theirs to keep.  Who doesn’t want to have their own toolkit to get their minds and bodies unstuck and to enjoy themselves a little more. In addition to teaching S3NSE group classes and supporting S3NSE as a learning community for students and practitioners, I offer private sessions. 


This wonderful work is a natural fit with my interest and curiosity about human development. I have a Ph.D. from Cornell University and I have led initiatives in education, government, and philanthropy to find ways we can help people thrive from childhood through the lifespan.

Tom Rankin

“The Feldenkrais Method is much more than just movement.”

Feldenkrais Trainer Carol Kress

During the time of my training (2003-2008), I was intensely focused on recovering from a serious bicycling accident. Feldenkrais worked great for moving. I was able to return to teaching group exercise classes and personal training. I also accomplished a long time goal of learning and training in Olympic Weightlifting.

Yet I had the desire to explore and discover the deeper principles and philosophies of this method. For the past ten years, Mia Segal (Feldenkrais' long time collaborator) and her daughter Leora Gaster, have mentored me in their Advanced Training, Master Practitioner and Assistant Trainer programs. I have and continue to be fortunate to assist them in many special projects and events.

Learning how to move not only improves musculoskeletal function, but the how brains works. As Leora often says, “Movement is your brain in action”. Recently, I have been using the Feldenkrais Method with Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP 2017-2019) empowering clients to: resolve pain issues, improve artistic and athletic performance, return to favorite hobbies and activities, accomplish goals and dreams. (650) 996-8831

Bobbie Ueunten

Feldenkrais mind and body educational gentle movements led me back to the child-like stage of discovery after a life changing car accident left me a shadow of the person I once was. I explored my breathing, how my fingers and toes move: every part of me was sensing and mindful of how empowered I felt with each discovered movement.  Today I have moved beyond that shadowy figure; I move easier and look forward to teach students how body-mind awareness through movements can improve their daily functionality moving toward ease, moving with comfort and moving mindfully.


I graduated from Elizabeth Beringer's Feldenkrais Institute of San Diego in May 2016.  Currently I teach at the Northwest YMCA and the S3NSE studio in Cupertino, CA.  I enjoy working with people of all ages from youth to the mature. Recently I have worked with people recovering from stroke and back surgery.  I have also completed training in the Sounder Sleep System(R).


For questions or to schedule a one-on-one session. 

For appointments email or call 408-821-8184 


Michele Westlaken

After years of struggle with chronic back pain, and consults with doctors and alternative practitioners of all sorts, I listened to my yoga teacher and found a Feldenkrais class at my local YMCA. The benefits of this slow and gentle approach were so encouraging, that I entered a 4 year professional training program in Berkeley California and graduated

in 2011.


Self-care, mindfulness and lifelong learning are the foundations of my practice. I enjoy working with a variety of populations including: children, athletes, artists, seniors and those who struggle with chronic conditions. 408-205-0121

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