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The Lessons within the Lesson

Difficult times require new skills and strategies.   Dramatic changes (such as CoVid) makes normal behaviors ineffective or even dangerous.  The Feldenkrais Method is not just about moving, it is about improving the process of life.   Deeper principles are imbedded in every lesson.   These insights may be used as tools to help us not only survive, but thrive.

Part of Moshe Feldenkrais’s genius was bringing abstract concepts to life.   Many of his lessons would start by scanning for differences.  Instead of value judgements of good and bad, the comparisons focus on physical traits such as length, weight or shape. 

When standing, do you feel more weight on your right or left side?  

As the lesson progresses into movements, questions are used to focus attention on perceived differences. 

When side-bending to the right, what side gets longer?  What side gets shorter?

We learn from differences.  By questioning differences, we learn not only what we do, but how we may change.   Differences are no longer to be feared, but become a focus of curiosity and exploration.   One leg may feel shorter in beginning of the lesson.  It is possible to sense your leg length changing during the lesson.  By the end of the lesson, the two legs may feel quite similar.   By being aware, accepting and exploring differences, one opens the door to new possibilities in life.

Once embodied, the concept of differences may be applied to our everyday lives.  Other races and cultures, inspire curiosity instead of fear.  How is their music and dancing different?  What does their food taste like?  We begin to see differences not as good or bad, but as the spice that makes the world come alive.   

This September theme is “Strategies for Change”.  S3NSE will be offering lessons highlighting the deeper principles and practices of Feldenkrais throughout the month.   To learn more about the deeper teachings of Feldenkrais, look into Leora Gaster’s book, “10 Irrefutable Mind Body Principles for Living”.


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