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S3NSE: First Things First

“You don’t have to know what to do, if you know how to proceed”

-Dennis Leri

I never used to read directions. I would just open the box and figure it out. This habit created many hours of frustration. Later, following my wife’s good example, I realize following directions (a process) made the project easier with much less drama. First things first may be the most important part of the process. In this case reading through the directions, checking to see if you have all the parts, materials and tools before you start putting things together.

The same is true for online Awareness Through Movement classes. First things first means finding a quiet place with enough space to do the lesson’s movements. Noisy or cramped environments make the experience more difficult and unpleasant. I also like to have pads, pillows, rollers or blankets available to make myself comfortable during the lesson. Sometimes a pad under my head or rollers behind my knees is the difference between enjoying or suffering during the class. Logging onto class 10 minutes early allows me plenty of time to set up my video and audio. Wireless earbuds help me hear instructions clearly and do not get in the way. When I put first thing first, I am ready to get the most out of the lesson.

Of course the process continues, but first things first gets you off to good start. Remember that not knowing is a part learning. As you proceed through the lesson, you will explore and discover new things about yourself. As this process is mastered, you come know what you're doing and therefore, be able to do what you want.

“First Things First” also means taking the time to care for yourself. S3NSE has online classes and is now offering in small group in-person lessons. Our Practitioners are also available for private zoom or hands on sessions. For more information visit


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