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S3NSE: Go Evenly

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

~ Helen Keller

Go evenly or even distribution of work may be applied on both the macro and micro levels.  It can relate to human movement or how a group accomplishes a task.  Let’s start with a physical example and then expand on it.  

Michael Johnson dominated the 200 and 400 meters sprints in Track and Field.  In the mid 1990’s, he won 4 Olympic Gold Medals and held multiple World and Olympic records.  Towards the end of the race, it looked like Johnson had another gear as he broke away from the pack.  But looks can be deceiving; Johnson did not run at a faster speed but slowed down much less than his competitors.   

Sprinters usually reach their top speed 60-70 meters after the start of the race.  The key to maintaining as much speed as possible is to evenly distribute the work of running throughout the body.  When a runner pushes too much with legs or arms, it interferes with optimal running form and slows them down.  Even tightening facial muscles has a braking effect.  Michael Johnson’s heart rate was once monitored during a training session.  His fastest times had lower heart rates than his other efforts.  This shows how even distribution of work leads to better performance with less effort. Here’s Johnson in action: 


Let’s learn how to go evenly in an everyday action.  Start by sitting in a chair with your feet on the floor.  Look upward, just do what is easy (without strain or effort).  Notice the highest spot you can comfortably see and remember it.  What part of you is doing most of the work lifting your head?  Is it your neck, low back or something else?  

Now do this short lesson (about 5 minutes) from MBS Academy:


After the lesson look upward again.  Are you able to see farther with less effort?  Going between the beginning spot and your new spot, what new parts of you are now contributing to the movement?  Feel how going evenly, or even distributing work allows you to do more with less effort.

At S3NSE, we are mindful of evenly distributing the work among ourselves.  We all take turns teaching the classes and workshops.  We also share the tasks of operating our non-profit business.  Melonie oversees the finances, Vicki makes sure the website is running smoothly, and Michele does the newsletter and correspondence.  Martha writes up the business agenda and facilitates our meetings.  Bobbie keeps and sends out the minutes.  And as you may have noticed, I write our blogs.  To live a balanced life, we need to evenly distribute work both within us and with others.  Find out more here at   


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