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S3NSE: The Power of Transitions

“I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.” Albert Einstein The only constant in life is change. Every change involves a transition; whether it is waking up from sleeping or retiring from a long career. These powerful moments will shape the future. During these times, it is possible to start great achievements or fall back into destructive habits. The Feldenkrais Method is much more than just moving; it is a powerful tool for transformation. Most Feldenkrais lessons begin with a scan. This process gives the opportunity to transition from taking care of everything else to taking care of yourself. By noticing your ground contact, you let go of daily tasks, problems and desires. Your focus shifts to “what is” instead of what could or should be done. This awareness starts the process of self transformation. Many lessons use different starting positions for movements. Often we let these transitions slip by not paying attention. Without thinking, we move how we always move. These moments provide important learning experiences. Could you move into a new position differently? Did you learn something in the lesson that could make it easier? This helps integrate new learning into the other parts of your life. Another important transition in lessons is balancing work with rest. Both are important for well-being. We learn by doing, but resting is necessary to integrate the learning and keep the mind fresh. Many problems are caused by overvaluing work and overlooking the important of rest. To take good care of yourself, you need to know:

  • When to stop.

  • How long to rest.

  • How to restart.

  • Or when to let go and move on.

Every Feldenkrais session gives you opportunities to practice these important self-care skills. The transitions in life give us the opportunity to step away from the past, consider possibilities for the future and become what we will be. Join S3NSE for free zoom Feldenkrais lessons and learn not only how to enjoy the transitions of life but be all that you can be.


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