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S3NSE: The Gift of Being Present

“Where are we? Here. What time is it? Now.”

Zen Q & A

The holiday’s peace and joy often turns into stress. There are cards to send, presents to buy, places to go and people to see. So much to do in so little time, why not treat yourself an early present? The one of being present.

Being present is usually associated with mediation. Like many, I found mediation to be difficult. Counting breaths is like herding unruly sheep. I am forever starting all over again. When I empty my mind of one thing; it fills with another. It easier for me to focus on something rather sitting with nothing.

Feldenkrais is a more active form of mediation. Paying attention to movements is simpler and more interesting for me than counting breaths or chanting mantras. Each lesson literally grounds you into the here and now. Noticing your contact change with the ground and you are here in both mind and body. When you monitor your movement, you are acting in the now.

I have found the sense of well-being after Feldenkrais lessons to be similar to mediation. But along with the calmness and peace, I also feel a sense of lightness and ease. Because Feldenkrais is so enjoyable, I practice it daily.

Give yourself the present of being present. You do not have to go shopping or wait for Santa. Start your own Feldenkrais moving meditation practice here at


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