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S3NSE: Ready, Set, Go!

“Let Your Performance Do the Thinking”

-Charlotte Bronte

This winter’s Olympics is a great example of ready, set, go. Each athlete has their own ritual for getting ready for competition. Some visualize their routine, others rock out to their favorite tunes and one even jump-roped before her event. Next is the long, lonely trip to get set for the start. Then, at last, it’s go go go!

Ready, set and go also applies to the Feldenkrais Method. The lessons usually start with a scan and/or reference movement(s). These actions help students get ready for new learning experiences. Sensing and differentiating ground contact creates mindful awareness of the here and now. Reference movements give one the opportunity to know and understand habits. When you know what you are doing, it becomes possible to change it.

Each lesson is set up for learning. They are built around principles (even distribution of work), themes (go slow to learn fast) or functions (getting on and off the floor with ease). In group lessons, verbal instructions guide students through various positions and movements. The practitioner will also ask questions about the movements to focus students attention. During individual sessions, the student is passively taught by the practitioner’s gentle touch.

Moshe Feldenkrais often talked about harvesting the lesson. This is taking what you learned during the lesson (on the floor), practicing it in different orientations (standing, sitting) and then applying it to real life situations. Most lessons end with functional movements in the standing position and walking. In time, simply going about your daily tasks integrates new learning into organic actions. Once you can do it without thinking; you own it. This is also called the “flow” state. Remember, to be your own champion, actions speak louder

than words.

Reading this blog will help get you ready for S3NSE. Visit to discover more about it and set up your involvement with us. Then go to our in person/online group and/or individual sessions to find your inner champion.


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