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S3NSE: New Year, New You

“Nothing is permanent about our behavior patterns except our belief that they are so” -Moshe Feldenkrais For many people, the New Year is a new beginning. It is an opportunity to create positive changes in their lives. In reality, every moment is a new beginning and is constantly changing. There will always be a new you. But is the new “you” the one you want? We are what (and how) we do. What we did yesterday influences how we are now. What we do today shapes our tomorrow. To improve our lives, we must improve what we do or how we act. There are four components to every action: thinking, sensing, feeling and moving. These are all integrated and processed together. Improve one component and the rest will also benefit. Feldenkrais utilizes the process of movement to inform and enrich our thinking, sensing and feelings. We come to know ourselves and learn how create more choices in life. So go ahead and make those New Year’s resolutions, but know there is a tool to help you. Join S3NSE ( this New Year’s Day and the rest of the year so the new you is the one you want to be.


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