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S3NSE: Envisioning Ourselves

“We act in accordance with our self-image. This self-image, which in turn, governs our every act, is conditioned by three factors: heritage, education and self-education.” Moshe Feldenkrais

The way we envision ourselves or our self-image could be thought as an operating system. Often, like computer software, we are unaware how our self-image informs and influences our actions. It’s only when a program is not working correctly, that we notice problems. What do you do when you are having difficulties with life? Feldenkrais considered his method a form of self-education that refines and improves our personal software,

the self-image.

Fortunately, many of Feldenkrais’s individual lessons (FIs) were filmed during his Amherst Training. One features an older woman, who is struggling with pain issues. The unasked question is “how would you like to envision (or what do you want from) life”. Feldenkrais learned the answer from a short conversation. The woman loved to dance and missed the joy of doing it. By masterfully combining words and movements, Moshe created a learning experience that would profoundly change her self-image.

Toward the end of the lesson, Feldenkrais had her shift her weight from side to side, look up and down, turn from side to side, walk and do a variety of steps in different directions. Her confidence and smile grew from each successful step. She now envisioned herself as resilient and strong. Her dancing days would continue. The lesson literally ended when she danced out of the room with Moshe.

How do you envision yourself? Are you up to task? If not, do not worry, you may learn how with Feldenkrais lessons.


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