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S3NSE: Effortless Use of the Arms and Hands

“Sometimes a soft touch can accomplish

more than a thousand swords.”

~David Krae

Moshe Feldenkrais had been to the doctor and he was annoyed. He thought, “How can you be a healer with hands of stone. I must do something about this”. And so, he created a series of Awareness Through Movement lessons called “Surgeon’s Hands”.

Although the lessons are in different configurations and positions; the intention is the same. Learn how to orchestrate more of yourself into the desired movement so the hands may remain soft throughout the action. While this concept was obvious in my Feldenkrais training, it was elusive in practice.

The elusive became obvious after a week long Master Practitioner training in Point Reyes. During the trip home on the winding road of Route 1, I focused on driving as an Awareness Through Movement lesson. I could use my pelvis to change contact with my seat and feel more centered in turns. My ribs and shoulder blades could do some of the work of my arms and hands. I was present in the moment and felt as one with my car and road. There was no rushing to get someplace or struggling to get ahead traffic.

The once dreaded drive home became an enjoyable experience and my gas mileage was vastly improved. I soon noticed this skill integrating into my work, guitar playing and household chores. I was using so much more effort than what was needed. I could choose to break old habits and to live more gracefully.

I do not recommend learning Feldenkrais while driving. Starting your Feldenkrais practice with S3NSE is a much safer and more effective option. Visit us here at for more information on our Zoom, and in-person group classes, individual private lessons and workshops. You will be surprised how much may be accomplished with a soft touch.

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