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S3NSE: Back to Basics

“Everything in life goes back to the basics.”

Kron Gracie

Moshe Feldenkrais started recording his movement lessons in the early 1950s. By the 1970s, a few were commercially available on cassettes. A manual called “Learning to Learn” was packaged with each series of tapes. This booklet provided information on how to do the lessons or in other words, the Feldenkrais basics.

The first is to do everything very slowly. Your normal everyday speed will too fast for learning. Movement needs to be dramatically slowed down to be able to sense, monitor and understand it. This is a basic skill that may be refined and improved during every session.

The slow movement is also light and easy. This quality will greatly improves your sensitivity and the ability to notice differences. The Feldenkrais Method uses this concept to help us learn more about ourselves. Slow, light and easy are the keys to more enjoyable and productive learning.

Another good basic concept is to do less than you can or don’t go to your limits. Instead of pushing through barriers, this method focuses on exploring ease and quality of movement within your limits. This is a great example of less is more. The less you push or try during the lesson, the more you will improve.

These are just a few of the basics that we will explore during our S3NSE September Zoom lessons. As we refine and enrich our basics skills in class; we also do so in life.

Link for "Learning to Learn":


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