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S3NSE: Make “It” Your Own

women running down the toad with her arms outstretched

It /it/ Pronoun

  1. Used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified. “a room with two beds in it”.

  2. Used to identify a person. “It’s me”.

The world is full of it. Is that good or bad? Do you have to have it or do you not want it at all? It probably depends on the it. It happens, so how do you deal with it?

How we perceive and discuss it determines our relationship to it. We express it through our language. For example, I enjoy running, but it hurts every time I do it. When I say it, I separate the running and pain from myself. It’s not me, but something that happens to me. I wash my hands of it and give someone else the responsibility for fixing it.

To take responsibility for it, I need to make it my own. I can start by clarifying my language. It is not running that causes my knee pain (there are millions of people who run pain free), it is the way that I run. Because I am creating it myself, I am empowered to change it. By becoming aware of my running, I can learn how to make it better and more efficient. Then I, not it, no longer feels pain by running. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes and Functional Integration sessions are great ways to develop these skills of awareness and self learning.

Don’t forget to also make the Feldenkrais Method your own. It is you, not the practitioner (teacher), that is the boss. If a starting position is uncomfortable use pads, pillows or find a more comfortable position. Movements should be pleasant and easy, if necessary, slow down and do less. If you want to rest before the breaks, please do so. Maybe the whole 45-60 minute class is too much, then just do a part of it. You may greatly benefit from just 10-15 minutes of a lesson or doing a private session.

Yes, the world is full of it, but it is amazing when you make it your own.


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